Malta Regional Development and Dialogue Foundation

MRDDF is a registered non-governmental organisation based in Malta which is focused on sustainable regional development and the promotion of social dialogue.
The MRDDf seeks to address these issues in Malta by participating in transnational collaborative development projects, organising multi-stakeholder consultations, conducting research on issues of critical national, regional and social interests, and influencing policy making via active civic participation and dialogue. We strive to ensure that marginalised views and voices are heard and believe that facilitating discussions across geographical and cultural boundaries is vital to promoting equal opportunities to all. 
The foundation is completely independent of any political party and is non-profit.

MRDDf was established by a local social enterprise called Projects in Motion Ltd.

Our aims and objectives

Our work is guided by the cross-cutting principles of sustainable development, social dialogue and equal opportunities for all. The objectives of MRDDf therefore are to:

  • Increase the need for sustainable regional development and awareness
  • Participate in collaborative projects through transnational cooperation
  • Enhance skills, learning and awareness for societal issues among the local population
  • Promote innovation in the region
  • Encourage active civic participation, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility
  • Foster urban and rural regeneration and promote the regional infrastructure
  • Actively engage in policy dialogue to promote development and dialogue in the region
  • Maximise the benefits arising from EU Community initiatives and Programmes.

The rise of collaboration

Malta has a wealth of diversity in its people, but it is an asset we have yet to fully engage within the economic success of the region. Unlocking this potential offers the Mediterranean region new perspectives and new markets in an enlarged Europe.
We want to offer equal opportunity for all as of right, but we also need to recognise the benefits for all of engaging the wider community. Together we intervene in key debates around sustainable regional development, social dialogue and active democratic reform and work to find solutions to problems that arise from phenomena like social imbalances and economic disorder.
The foundation’s civil activism in regional development, social dialogue and policy-related areas is operationalised through various means which are implemented via concrete initiatives. These include:

+ Knowledge generation through research and analysis, creation and management of data and information base.
+ Awareness raising through dialogue, networking, information, dissemination and mobilising support of the civil society.
+ Policy influence and capacity building; by involving policymakers, stakeholders and te civil society in the dialogue process.

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Who we are

Executive Secretary
Brian Restall

Brian Restall started his career at the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and held the post of FP6 Projects Coordinator and Research Assistant to the Policy Unit. Since then Brian has been responsible for sourcing and managing the scientific / administrative tasks for numerous R&D projects running under the 5th, 6th and 7th Framework programme; and under the Leonardo, Intelligent Energy, Interreg, and Plan D programmes. Here at MRDDf, Brian is entrusted with the role of providing a coherent approach for projects which PiM is involved in, while creating a link between the individual project managers responsible for the execution of all project deliverables and management. He is also responsible for establishing standard practices and procedures to be followed across all projects, while ensuring a smooth flow of the operations. He is also responsible for the CASTWATER project, and contributes towards the GPP4Growth project. Brian read for a PhD at the Institute of Earth Systems, UoM and his research interests are mostly in the area of environmental/conservation psychology and sustainable development.
Phone: (+356) 2142 0852
Mobile: (+356) 9984 7540
Qualifications: PhD. (Environmental management and planning); MSc. Sustainable Environmental Resource Management; M.S. Integrated Science and Technology; MBA (Maastricht), B. Psychology
Email: info at

Project Manager
Stefan Schaa

Stefan graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany in 2007 with a German Diploma in International Political Management, (Dipl. Pol.) and with a M.A. in European Studies from the University of Malta. His key areas of interest are energy policy analysis, communitarisation of energy legislation, and the implementation of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency options in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Before coming to Malta he worked at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences. At MRDDf, Stefan is responsible for managing the GPP4Growth project, while contrbuting to the CASTWATER project, both funded under the INTERREG Europe and MED.

Phone: (+356) 2142 0852
Mobile: (+356) 7980 1038
Qualifications: Dipl. Pol. (International Political Management), M.A. in European Studies
Email: stefan.schaa at

PiM MRDDf is possible thanks to support from Projects in Motion Ltd.